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  • ELVIS & FRIENDS is the longest-running weekly Elvis radio show in America or perhaps the world. 
  • ELVIS & FRIENDS creator and host The Legendary Rockin Ron Cade has programmed and written every edition of the show since its first broadcast IN 1978.
  • Rockin Ron spotlights Elvis music, movies and professional career. No rumors. No gossip. No lies.

In the grand scheme of things, when all is said and done about Elvis, it all comes down to this: Elvis was, is and always will be about the music, Rockin Ron says.

Just the music and only the facts. A song like “Kentucky Rain” by Elvis, sounds as fresh today as it did the day it was released. You could play that 50 years from now and it will still sound great. The same for classic Elvis stuff like Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog and several others.

Rockin Ron has been taken care of business (TCB) with tender loving care (TLC).

One of the things I’ve tried to bring out on my radio show about Elvis, is the versatility and variety of music he did throughout the years. I continually hear from people who say… Wow, I didn’t know Elvis sang that!

Rockin Ron started ELVIS & FRIENDS while working at Philadelphia AM station WRCP because at that time, while Frank Sinatra and The Beatles had radio shows dedicated to their music legacies, there wasn’t an all-Elvis radio program in the Delaware Valley. Rockin Ron says he was considering the concept even before Elvis’ passing.

“I just didnít want anyone to forget him.”

Rockin Ron says his goal has been simple: To remember the music. We give Elvis back to the Elvis fans. He has contributed so much to the world, as far as I am concerned, he is the greatest entertainer of all time. Each week, Rockiní Ron has a special spotlight feature.

One of the things I have tried hard to do is to keep the show fresh. I try to reinvent it every week, with the various features that we do on the show, Rockin Ron says.

The FRIENDS come out to play when Rockin Ron spins a song that can have virtually any connection to Elvis. A songwriters demo, a comparison version of a tune Elvis also recorded or something recorded by someone who knew or worked with Elvis or even a singer whose music Elvis enjoyed and The King had in his own personal collection.

“Over the years, I find Elvis’ music to be a comfort to me, it has lifted my spirits at times and it has kept me together.”

Rockin Ron carved his own niche in the relatively narrow radio universe of 1978 amid fierce competition for airtime to create a successful, multi-hour broadcast: pleasing listeners with its sincere, thoughtful remembrances of the Presley musical legacy, giving radio stations sizable ratings and drawing numerous sponsors.

With the dawn of satellite, Internet and countless other listening options by 2008, Rockin Ron has not only retained dedicated listeners from 1978, but has drawn more generations of Elvis fans.

ELVIS & FRIENDS has won numerous awards and honors, including the 2004 Philadelphia A.I.R. Award for Achievement In Radio for ìBest Weekend Show.

Rockin Ron was officially acknowledged and his contribution to Elvis’ enduring legacy was commemorated by GRACELAND and the ESTATE OF ELVIS PRESLEY upon the 25th anniversary of ELVIS & FRIENDS.

A total of eight AM and FM stations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Michigan have aired the show during the three-plus decades Rockin Ron has kept the Delaware Valley rockin and rollin by spinning all of the hundreds of songs in the Presley catalog commercially released during The King’s lifetime.